Pottsgrove School District Purchased Apps

These apps can be found on the iPad carts in the buildings. Some apps were purchased for specific buildings and carts. Click on the icon for more specific infomation.


Apps listed alphabetically from A-B
ABA - Alphabet ABA Flash Cards - Alphabet
ABA - Animals ABA Flash Cards - Animals
ABA - Food ABA Flash Cards - Food
ABA Problem ABA Problem Solving Game - What Rhymes?
ABA - Together ABA Problem Solving Game - Which Go Together
ABA Receptive Id ABA Receptive Identification
ABA Receptive ID by Class ABA Receptive Identification - by Class
ABA Sight Words ABA Sight Words
ABC Phonics Animals Writing HD ABC Phonics Animals Writing HD
ABC Phonics Sight Words ABC Phonics Sight Words
ABC Pocket Phonics ABC Pocket Phonics Lite
ABC Tracer

ABC Tracer with Words and Phonics

AcceleratedReader Accelerated Reader
Adding Apples Adding Apples HD
Alge-Bingo Alge-Bingo

All-in-One Big Trace

AlphabetTracing Alphabet Tracing
Angry Birds HD Angry Birds HD Free
Animals! Life Sciences Animals! - Life Sciences
ArtikPix ArtikPix
Art Puzzles - free for iPad Art Puzzles - Free for iPad
Art Set Art Set
A Seed Grows A Seed Grows - LAZ Read
AT&T Translator AT&T Translator
Audobon Mushrooms Audobon Mushrooms
Autism Emotions Autism Emotion
Autodesk ForceEffect Autodesk ForceEffect
Bananas Sometimes Bananas Sometimes
Bluster! Bluster!
BrainPOP Featured Movie BrainPOP Featured Movie

Apps listed alphabetically from C-D
Compass ++ C++ (Compass ++)
Chemistry by Design Chemistry by Design
Chess Free HD Chess Free HD
Cinch Learning Cinch Learning
Click and Learn Click and Learn
Complete the Word for Kids Complete the Word for Kids
Counting Money Counting Money
Creatures of Light Creatures of Light
3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool 3D Cell Simulation
DemiBooks Composer Demibooks Composer
Discovering Dinosaurs Discovering Dinosaurs
Doceri Doceri
Doodle Buddy for iPad Doodle Buddy for iPad
Dot to Dot Numbers and Letters DotToDot numbers and letters
Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation
Dr Dunk DrDunk
Drum Kit Drum Kit
Dummy Defense Dummy Defense

Apps listed alphabetically from E-F
EduCreations Educreations
Era of Dino HD Lite Era of Dino HD Lite
Evernote Peek Evernote Peek
EM Math Addition Everyday Mathematics Addition Top-it 0-10
EM Baseball Multiplications 1-6 Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication with 1-6 Facts
EM Baseball Multiplication 1-12 Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication with 1-12 Facts
EM Divisibility Dash Everyday Mathematics Divisibility Dash
EM Equivalent Fractions Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions
EM Monster Squeeze Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze
EM Tric Trac Everyday Mathematics Tric-Trac
Farm Animals Farm Animals - LAZ Reader
Find My iPhone Find My iPhone/iPad
Find the Synonym Find The Synonym
Fingerprint Play Maker Fingerprint Play Maker
Flashcards+ Flashcards+
Flashcards* Flashcards*
Follett Digital Reader Follett Digital Reader
Free Translator for iPad Free Translator for iPad

Apps listed alphabetically from G-J
Google Drive Google Drive
Google Earth Google Earth
Google Translate Google Translate
GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad
GoTalkNow GoTalk Now
Gray's Anatomy Gray's Anatomy Premium for iPad
HandWriting Without Tears Handwriting Without Tears
Happy Feet Two Happy Feet Two: The Penguin App
Health Tips 1000 Health Tips 1000
Hello Color Pencil Hello Color Pencil
Hello Crayons Hello Crayons
Howie Word Family Howie Word Family (Lite)
How to Make Lemonade How to Make Lemonade - LAZ Reader
How to Make Origami How to Make Origami
How Zebras Got Their Stripes How Zebras Got Their Stripes - LAZ Reader
Human Body Facts 1000 Human Body Facts 1000
iBooks iBooks
Idea Sketch Idea Sketch
Introducting Planet Earth Introduction Planet Earth - LAZ Reader
iReading HD Animal Puzzle World iReading HD - Animal Puzzle World
iSpell Word Free iSpellWord Free
iTunes U iTunes U
JoyOrange The Responsible Reagan JoyOrange - The Responsible Reagan

Apps listed alphabetically from K-M
Khan Khan Academy
Kidz Memory Quiz Kidz Memory Quiz
King of Math King of Math
Landon's Pumpkins Landon's Pumpkins - LAZ Reader
Let's Create Pottery Let's Create! Pottery HD Lite
Life Skills Sampler Life Skills Sampler HD
Literacy Skills Sampler Literacy Skills Sampler HD
7 Little Words 7 Little Words
Lobster Diver HD Lobster Diver HD
Mad Libs Mad Libs
Mad Math Lite Mad Math Lite
Magic Piano Magic Piano
Making Pizza Making Pizza - LAZ Reader
Maria Counts Pumpkins Maria Counts Pumpkins - LAZ Reader
Math Drills Lite Math Drills Lite
Math Evolve Lite Math Evolve Lite
Mathmateer Mathmateer Free
Math Snacks HD Math Snacks HD
Math Test Mix-up Math Test Mix-Up - LAZ Reader
Meet Biscuit Meet Biscuit
Miss Spider's Tea Party Miss Spider's Tea Party
Model Me Going Places Model Me Going Places 2
Multiply Wiz Free Multiply Wiz Free
My First Tangrams HD My First Tangrams HD
My Math Flash Cards My Math Flash Cards App

Apps listed alphabetically from N-Q
Nasa Nasa App HD
Neo Math - Neo Maths -
Neo Math Plus Neo Maths +
Neo Math Divide Neo Maths รท
Neo Math X Neo Maths x
Notability Notability
Paint and Learn Lite Paint and Learn Lite
Paint Sparkles Draw Paint Sparkles Draw
PaperPort Notes PaperPort Notes
PBS Kids Video PBS Kids Video
PhatPad PhatPad
Phonics Genius Phonics Genius
Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe
Photo Toaster PhotoToaster Jr.
Physics World Physics World
Pick Up Sticks Pick-Up Sticks
Pics Aloud Lite Pics Aloud Lite
Picture Scrambler Picture Scrambler
Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Treasure Hunt
Play123 PLAY123
Pocket Tangrams Pocket Tangrams
Podcasts Podcasts
Powers of Minus Ten Powers of Minus Ten
PowerTeacher Mobile PowerTeacher Mobile
Presidents vs. Aliens Presidents vs. Aliens Lite
Proloquo2Go Proloquo2Go
Puppet Pals Puppet Pals HD
Quick Graph Quick Graph: Your Scientific

Apps listed alphabetically from R-S
Riding with Rosa Parks Riding with Rosa Parks
Running Records Calculator Running Records Calculator
Scan Scan
Scholastic Storia Scholastic Storia
Science 360 Science360 for iPad
See Touch Learn See.Touch.Learn
Shakespeare in Bits Shakespeare in Bits
Showbie Showbie for iPad
Sight Words by Photo Sight Words by Photo
Sight Words List Sight Words List
SimCity Deluxe for iPad SimCity Deluxe for iPad
Skitch Skitch
Skoolbo Core Skills Skoolbo Core Skills HD
Skype Skype for iPad
Slice It! Slice It! Begins
Social Skills Sampler Social Skills Sampler HD
SonoFlex Sono Flex
SparkleFish SparkleFish
Stack the Countries Lite Stack the Countries Lite
Stack the States Lite Stack the States Lite
Story Buddy 2 Lite StoryBuddy 2 Lite
StoryLines StoryLines
StoryLines for Schools StoryLines for Schools
Story Wheel Story Wheel
Student Clicker Student Clicker - Socrative
Subtraction Subtraction

Apps listed alphabetically from T-Z
Tap to Talk TapToTalk
Teacher Clicker Teacher Clicker - Socrative
The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling - LAZ Reader
The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs - LAZ Reader
Woodsy Band Jam The Woodsey Band Jamboree - LAZ Reader
Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs: The Wolf
Toontastic Toontastic: FREE
Totem Poles Totem Poles - LAZ Reader
Touch and Learn Touch and Learn Emotion
Type Fun Lite Type Fun Lite
UnLockMe UnlockMe
Virtuoso Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD
Visual Cue Lite Visual Cue Lite
Work Skills Sampler Work Skills Sampler HD
World Book World Book - This Day in History